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Display ground vehicles on the airport surface map (Surface Tracking users only)


Display ground vehicles on the airport surface map (Surface Tracking users only) 

In this topic, you learn how to make ground vehicles display on the airport map when doing surface tracking operations (such as checking congestion at an airport). 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Displaying ground vehicles on the map 

Customers who subscribe to N-Tracking Surface Tracking functionality have the option of displaying ground vehicles, such as snowplows or cargo transporters on the airport surface map.

To display or disable the display of these vehicles, choose the Ground Vehicles option in the NAV Layers pane of the Layers menu.

NOTE: Airport surface tracking is dependent on our ADSB data provider and its network of ground position receivers; therefore, coverage may vary from one airport to another.


Detailed Explanation 

Flight SCX407 is traveling to the KSAN airport.

Zoom in to a 2 nm zoom level so that the airport surface map displays on the main map.

 In your operational environment, you would zoom in several times to change from the current 100 nm zoom to the 2 nm zoom level. For the purposes of this training, the next image is at 5 nm zoom.

Interaction 1 Click the Zoom in (+) button.

At the 5 nm zoom level, zoom in one more time. 

Interaction 1 Click the Zoom in  (+) button.

Airport surface maps begin to appear. In this case, the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar is a larger airport, so it is more visible.

 Zoom in further. 

Interaction 1 Click the Zoom in  (+) button.

Once the map is displaying at a zoom level that provides you with the level of detail you need, access the NAV Layers in the Layers menu to enable the display of ground vehicles. 

Interaction 1 Click the Layers button.

Interaction 2 Click the NAV Layers tab.

Select the Ground Vehicles slider to display ground vehicles on the map.

 When you want to turn off the display of ground vehicles, move the slider to the left.

Interaction 1 Click the Ground Vehicles slider.

Unfortunately, at this particular moment, there are no ground vehicles active at this airport.

When ground vehicles are active, you can distinguish them from aircraft by their shape (similar to a truck) and color (in this example, yellow). Using the color assigned to "Other" flights in the Flight list, snowplows or other such vehicles and cargo transporters are depicted with the same icon, which looks like this:



Congratulations! You have successfully enabled the display of ground vehicles on the airport surface map.


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