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Report flight information manually


Report flight information manually 

In this topic, users with reporter rights learn to manually enter information, such as aircraft position source for a flight. You must have reporter rights to complete this procedure. 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed explanation 

You must have Reporter rights to manually enter position reports.

A reporter is not necessarily an N-Tracking administrator, but the administrator must have granted you Reporter rights for you to perform this task.

Flight THD341 is showing a warning alert.

Click on its icon to open its Flight Details pane. 

Interaction 1 Click the plane icon (THD341).

Message details for cautions and warnings display at the top of the Flight Details pane. Click the checkmark icon associated with the warning to acknowledge the warning.

 This stops the intermittent notification from repeating on the map. 

Interaction 1 Click the CAUTION checkmark icon.

Acknowledge the warning and "mark it as read". 

Interaction 1 Click the WARNING checkmark icon.

Click the (Open manual report) icon at the top of the Flight Details pane to manually add information. 

Interaction 1 Click the Open manual report button.

Enter relevant information about the warning on the Manual Entry page; specifically in the Position Report tab in the Departure section.

Interaction 1 Click the Position Report tab.

Interaction 1 Click the Time input field.

Select the nearest hour. 

Interaction 1 Click 15:00.

Select the nearest minute. 

Interaction 1 Click 15:04.

Select the applicable number of seconds. 

Interaction 1 Click 20.

We need to give the latitude and longitude for the position report. 

Interaction 1 Click the Latitude input field.

    The values being entered here are for training purposes only, and you should carefully check the values when you enter a position in a real-life scenario. Small typing errors can make a big difference to a position report. 

Interaction 1 Enter 18.32080 into the Latitude field.

Interaction 1 Click the Longitude input field.

Interaction 1 Enter 90.97516 into the Longitude field.

Now we can give the speed for the position entry being reported. 

Interaction 1 Click the Speed[kt] input field.

Interaction 1 Enter 450 into the Speed[kt] field.

Interaction 1 Click the Track input field.

Interaction 1 Enter 59 into the Track field.

Interaction 1 Click the FL/feet slider.

Interaction 2 Click the Altitude spin button.

Interaction 1 Enter 350 into the Altitude field.

Interaction 1 Click the Save button.

The Position src field signals that a manual report was made. 

You can always use the Inactive alerts link to view previously acknowledged alerts. 

Interaction 1 Click Inactive alerts.

After your review, you can hide them again. 

Interaction 1 Click Hide active alerts.

As applicable, you may want to add more information about your manual entry. Use the NOTES area on the Flight Details pane to do so. 

Interaction 1 Click the NOTES tab.

Interaction 1 Click the Add Note button.

Interaction 2 Enter Here is a note about the outage in position source report. into the NOTES field.

N-Tracking automatically stores your username with the note. 

Interaction 1 Click the Save button.

Interaction 2 Click anywhere on the map.

With your manual report complete, and any other relevant notes added, when you click the map, the Flight Details pane closes. You can continue with your regular activities.

For more detailed information on the Flight Details pane, review the topic, Configure Flight Details pane content.


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