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Working with planned flights


Working with planned flights 

In this topic, you learn how to work with the flights in the PLANNED section of the Flight list. 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed explanation 

Using the PLANNED section of the Flight list 

The PLANNED section of the Flight list contains flights for which flight plans have been computed in N-Flight Planning (for N-FP users).

 You can view scheduled flights for an interval of -6 to +8 hours before/after their scheduled takeoff time. With weather layers active on the map, you can analyze and evaluate the planned route.

For clients using N-Flight Planning, flights appear in the PLANNED section as soon as a flight plan is computed and within a period of 6 hours before and up to 8 hours after their scheduled takeoff.

Dispatchers planning multi-leg flights where the same aircraft with the same call sign complete the consecutive legs (but with different city pairs) may see the same flight number display in the PLANNED section twice.

 Flights move from PLANNED to TRACKED once in flight. 

Interaction 1 Click SCX234.

For planned flights, N-Tracking displays basic flight information on the Flight Details pane.  

The Flight Plan slider is inactive for planned flights.

Flight plans do not continue to display on the map after you close the Flight Details pane. 

Customers who subscribe to Route Analysis can launch their analysis directly from the Flight Details pane.  

Interaction 1 Click the Route Analysis button.


You can link the flight plan of a planned flight to an active (tracked) flight if needed. For more details, consult the topic, Manually link the flight plan from a planned flight with an active flight, which is the next topic in this section.

N-Tracking launches route analysis.

Launching route analysis from the Flight Details pane for planned flights provides you with more flexibility in completing your planning.

 For more details on using this feature, consult the "Route analysis" topic.  

Interaction 1 Click the Search button.

The search results display all possible route strings computed by N-Flight Planning (NFP) and imported into N-Tracking.  

For the purposes of this topic, close the Route List pane.

Interaction 1 Click the Close (X) button.


Congratulations! You have worked with a planned flight, displaying its projected flight plan on the map, looking at route analysis data, and seeing any available information for this flight on its Flight Details pane. 


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