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Searching your fleet by registration, aircraft type, or other characteristic


Searching your fleet by registration, aircraft type, or other characteristic 

In this topic, Administrators learn how to search through your aircraft fleet. 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed explanation 

In this topic, you learn how to list the aircraft in your fleet, and how to filter that list based on aircraft registration, type, state, and other criteria.

 N-Tracking administrators perform this task, so you must be logged in using an ADMIN account.

Interaction 1 Click the ADMIN dropdown button.

Interaction 2 Click the Administration menu button.

Interaction 1 Click the Aircraft menu item.

The Aircraft Management screen lists all the aircraft in your fleet.

You can search and filter the list using any of the search fields, such as for Registration, Aircraft Type, or State.

Start by filtering the list based on registration ID and look for all registrations containing the letters "SQ". 

Interaction 1 Click the Registration (Search) input field.

Interaction 2 Enter SQ into the Search field.


Now the list displays only those aircraft with "SQ" somewhere their registration code. 

In this case, they all happen to be type DH8D.

 Erase your search term so that you can try a different search.

Interaction 1 Click the Search input field.

Use the Backspace key twice to remove the search term. 

Interaction 2 Press the KeySymbol:8 key.

Next, with the full list restored, search the fleet based on the aircraft state (in-flight, parked, running, etc.) 

Interaction 1 Click the State (Search) input field.

Interaction 2 Enter IN into the Search field.

Now you see only those aircraft that are currently in flight. 


Think carefully about the search term you enter: While none are shown in this example, if there were aircraft with a status of "GROUND_RUNNING" (on the ground, with engine running), they would also be listed, because the search term contains "in".

Optionally, consult the map to see how the same aircraft display there. 

Interaction 1 Click the Map tab.


Congratulations! You have learned how to filter the list of aircraft in your fleet by registration, the state of the aircraft (on ground or in-flight), and other characteristics.


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