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Flight replay

1       Introduction 

Flight replay 

In this topic, you learn how to download, save, and replay a recording of a completed flight. 

We estimate that this will take 5 minutes to complete.

Replay Overview

Use N-Tracking's replay functionality to download and/or replay a completed flight. You can save the flight locally, gaining access to the event log, replay the flight or upload a flight to the "Cloud". 

The Replay function is split into two separate pages --"Search" and "Archives". On each of these pages, you can download, save, or replay a selected flight. 

Your airline may use nautical miles (nm) for its map scale.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Replay tab.

Interaction 1

Use the search fields on the Flights table to search a flight by a variety of characteristics, such as:

        Flight number

        Call sign

        Aircraft registration

        From/To with OFF and ON time

        Date of flight creation

You can search for flights within the last 24 hours and any archived flight recordings. 

Older information, unless explicitly archived is purged from the N-Tracking system.  

Interaction 1 Click Archives.

Interaction 1

The counter bar on the Archives page shows the number of archived flight replays compared to all available flight replays. 

The Archives page shows flights saved and archived by N-Tracking users.

The Archives list contains:

        Date of the archive

        Flight number/call sign

        Aircraft registration

        From/To with OFF and ON time

        Date of flight creation

        "Saved" indicator

        Download icon

        Replay icon 

Interaction 1 Click Search.

Use these buttons if you want to download flight data to your local drive; save it to the Cloud; or replay a flight recording. 


You have access to several pages of stored flights. 

N-Tracking stores a maximum of 100 flights.

Interaction 1

When flights have been saved on the Cloud, a checkmark displays in the Saved column. You can retrieve the replay recording from the archive during a search.. 

The recording remains available for 6 months. 

Let's download the replay for registration F-GRHS.

Interaction 1 Click the Download button.

Interaction 1

N-Tracking generates a .zip file of the recording that is automatically saved to your local Downloads folder. 

Interaction 1 Click 20181009_0613_AF1668_AFR28WC_F-GRHS.zip.

Flight information is stored in a .csv file.

You can review positions data and any cautions/warnings conditions that were created and cleared during the flight and recorded in the flight log. 

Next, let's review what N-Tracking presents when you replay a flight recording. Use flight AF934 as an example.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Replay button.

The header summarizes flight information.

Position data is available for consultation. 

Replay has its own video controllers.

The flight path displays on the map. Use the on-screen video controls to replay the flight. 

The graph below the map indicates the flight level trajectory. 

You can click along the timeline to review different flight stages. 

You can review logged events on the log panel. 

The change in altitude depicted by the plane icon and the events log are synchronized. 

You can click on the depicted flight path, on the altitude graph, or on a line in the event log table to change the focus to the selected position and context.

2       Detailed Explanation 


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