1       Introduction 


This module will cover how you can download, upload and view a previous flight. 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Replay Overview

The replay functionality within N-Tracking allows you to download and replay a flight. You can save the flight locally, gaining access to the event log, replay the flight or simply upload a flight to the "Cloud". The replay function is split into two separate sections "Search" and "Archives". For each of these you can download or replay a selected flight. 

2       Detailed Explanation 

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Replay tab.

2.1        Search 

Interaction 1

The replay page contains two sections "Search" and "Archives". From these pages it is possible to play, save locally or to archive the flight.
The search section contains a table of flights with following data:

        Flight Number

        Call sign

        A/C registration

        From/TO with OFF and ON time

        Date of flight creation

        Local save icon

        Archive icon (or delete if the flight is already archived

        Play icon 

Filters on this table allow searching a flight through flight number, call sign, registration, the departure airport and the arrival airport. 

the search is limited to the last 24 hours worth of data (as the oldest information is purged from the N-Tracking system) plus any flights that have been archived.  

Interaction 1 Click Archives.

2.2        Archive 

Interaction 1

The Archive section contains the list of archives of flights made by users of the company.
The Archives list contains:

        Date of the archive

        Flight number/call sign

        A/C registration

        From/TO with OFF and ON time

        Date of flight creation

        Local save icon

        Delete icon

        Play icon 

Interaction 1 Click Search.

2.3        Download a Flight


Clicking on these icons will "Save" locally, archived or simply play the replay. The tick indicates the replay has been archived and can be viewed in the Archive section.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Download button.

When flights have been saved on the cloud, a tick will appear under the "Saved" column and the recording will be available for a period of 6 months. A maximum of 100 flights can be saved. 

Interaction 1

Once the download has been selected this will generate a .zip folder shown at the bottom left of the screen in this browser. 

Interaction 1 Click the 20181009_0613_AF1668_AFR28WC_F-GRHS.zip button.

You will be able to consult the positions data and any cautions/warnings conditions that are created and cleared are recorded in the log of a flight in a .csv file. You will also be able to save this flight to your computer for future review.

2.4        Flight Replay 

Interaction 1

Selecting the play button will allow you to view the replay of this flight..

Interaction 1 Click the Play button.

Once clicked on the Play icon, the N-Tracking application displays the replay tool.

A panel presenting the position data.


A header to summarize the flight information.

A control panel containing flight playback controllers..


A map where the A/C trajectory shall be displayed.

A log panel with events log.

A graph representing the flight level trajectory of the aircraft during the flight.

The progression of the plane icon of altitude level and of events log is synchronized. You have the possibility to click on the map (on the route of the aircraft), to click on the altitude graph or to click on a line of the event log to focus the progression to the expected position and context.