1       Introduction 

User Management 

In this topic we will explain how you can create new users and modify existing users. We will also show you how to configure the user access rights that determine which airports they can view. 

We estimate that this will take 1 minute to complete.

The Importance of User Management 

User Management is an important task for all system administrators. It is important to keep on top of this task as it determines who has access rights to the N-Tracking system. It's not only important to add new users when they join your company or department, but it's just as important to remove users if they leave.


When you configure a new user then you give them access rights to view the data associated with certain airports. It is not necessary to give all users access rights to all airports. You can modify the airports that a particular user has access to at any time by granting them access to additional airports or revoking access to airports that have already been granted to them.

We recommend that you review your user access rights on at least a monthly basis.

2       Detailed Explanation 

Interaction 2Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Admin dropdown button. 

Interaction 2 Click the Administration menu item.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the + Create user button.

The    button can be used to delete an existing account and the  button can be used to edit an existing account.

Once an account has been created, it is not possible to edit the username. If this is needed, delete the account and create it again with a new username. 

Be accurate and careful when entering an email address. When you create a user, then a password is sent to that address. The email address is also used for password reset requests from users.

It is mandatory to give a login user name and email address. When an email address is entered, N-Tracking checks the format of it to ensure it looks like a proper email address, e.g. name@domain.extension and that the email address is appropriate for the airline.


Once you have entered the login and email address, you can configure the airlines and airports that this new user will be granted access to by using the sliders.

Administrators have the ability to update another user's password aswell. This will support cases where the password reset mechanism cannot be used. 

The slider buttons are used to determine which airlines and which airports this new user will have access to.  


 = no access

 = access granted

Once the user creation details form has been completed then you should click "Save User".

The "Reporter?" slider allows the new user to manually update a flight's data,for example if an update from the pilot via HF radio is received. Updates can be more than just position and may also include fuel quantity etc.



Email Message 

Once you have clicked the "Save user" button the N-Tracking system creates an account for them and generates a password. The user name and password are then emailed to the address that you specified. 

Our NAVBLUE support desk often receives requests asking us to create users on your behalf (i.e. you, as our customer). Unfortunately it is not possible for us to do this for all of our customers as standard, so if you do require this service please note that it will be billable. Please contact your Account Manager to request a quote.  

You can now see a lit of all the names of each of the users. You can edit any users you wish simply by clicking on the pen simple. This will give you access to any details that you wish to change. Let's go ahead and edit this user. 

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the button.

In the user modification you will be able to edit their details including the user status where you will be able to block a particular user or unblock.

A user may be blocked if they get their password wrong three times in a row, or if the administrator wishes they can manually block the user. The customer admin can go in and unblock them and change their password, should they require it. Let's go ahead a block this user.

Interaction 2Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Blocked slider.

Interaction 2 Click the Save User button.

Once saved you will be able to see a line that is stricked through the user, this indicates that they are locked out (blocked). To unblock simply go back into the users edit and unblock them.

If the you do not see a strike through the user you may just need to refresh the screen for it to appear.